Group Flow - Clear Goals

Having clear goals is one of the most potent and most overlooked group flow triggers because we often assume we're all on the same page. But even small variations can shift individual focus and impact performance and group flow.

Clear goals are critical to group flow. It is what gets and keeps everyone's effort moving in the same direction. When we assume we're on the same page, we leave room for error in that direction.


Consider this... I recently asked a sports team their team goal for an upcoming competition. Here are a handful of their answers:

-Leave everything on the field


-Beat [opponent]

-No regrets

-Team cohesiveness

-Be gritty

-To win and play together from start to finish


Now, I love this list. There's some great stuff here and we might initially think "cool we've got the same idea."


But on second inspection, think about the moment these athletes step on the field. Think about how each of these athlete's actions, decisions, and play might be slightly different if they were most focused on winning versus being gritty versus team cohesion.


It's this small variation that can disrupt group flow (which is related to most optimal group/team performance).


The same is true for a group of business leaders or coworkers sitting down to brainstorm a meeting.


Taking the time to clarify the goal can have massive impacts on performance including triggering group flow.


How clear is your team on THE goal? For each practice session? For each drill? For each game?


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