My story

I am a human performance professional with 10+ years of experience improving mental performance, resilience, leadership, and culture. I understand the power of providing tangible skills and training for individual contributors. I also understand the incredible influence of leaders and the environment they create.

For small, medium, and high-growth organizations, I focus on providing an ecosystem of personal growth and leadership development training.

For larger and more established organizations, I provide specialized human-centered consulting for mergers and acquisitions as well as custom leadership development training.

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Are my services right for you and your team?

  • Your employees want you to support their well-being
  • You want to support your employees' resilience, thriving, and performance
  • You want to help good people become great leaders
  • You want a measurable ROI


  • You're not exactly sure what content to present or how
  • You don't have the time to develop the quality program you want to deliver
  • You may not be comfortable fully outsourcing this type of training - you want connection, influence, and customization

If that's you, read on.

Imagine a training ecosystem where

  • People at every level of your organization engage in self-development training in resilience and mental performance
  • Leaders at every level of your organization engage in leadership development training in authentic, growth-oriented leadership
  • Training is customized to your organization's needs


  • Is easy and quick to implement
  • Is research-based and field-tested
  • Breaks content into digestible elements
  • Emphasizes tangible application of skills

My solution

  • Fully digital training courses on resilience, mental performance, and leadership consisting of short videos and 1-page worksheets
  • Progressive leadership development training supporting the full lifecycle of the leader: from up-and-coming leaders or first-time leaders to middle-level leaders and beyond
  • Optional live/in-person support available for all training


Self-paced course developing tangible skills for facing adversity to thrive and not just survive hard times.

Mental Performance

Six-week course introducing the concepts and skills that have an immediate and lasting impact.

Leadership Series

Self-paced courses guiding leaders through first-time leadership, management, and strategic levels.

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What makes me different from the rest?

  • Scaled training with a personal connection
    • I speak with each leader, executive, or HR professional interested in my training ecosystem. I want to make sure it's right for you and your organization
  • Research-based, high-level content delivered in an understandable, digestible, and relevant way
    • Making good research interesting, understandable, and usable is my passion
  • Committed to making training accessible to all
    • Not sure you can afford the program? Contact me and let's talk.
    • Want to donate to help fund training access for BIPOC-owned, women-owned, or non-profit businesses or organizations? Contact me and let's set something up.
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